Under the spotlight, in front of a crowded room, drag performers are given permission to share our most authentic selves with almost certain acceptance. When the show is over and we leave our safe spaces, how do we cope with the realities of a less-than-forgiving world? What faces do we wear? Follow several captivating artists as they navigate the complexities of gender identity, community, and mental health – and learn how they became masters in staging face. 

Staging Face, created in 2020 through the Voices with Impact grant program follows three incredible drag performerss; Richard Rockhard, Jennifer DaFuque, and Rhett Slutler. 

Richard Rockhard

Jennifer DaFuque



Courtney Stanley as Richard Rockhard

Charlie Peddle as Rhett Slutler

Vie Jones as Jennifer DaFuque

Producer - Jake Ivany

Co-Directors  - Steph Young, Vie Jones

Cinematographer - Paul McCurdy

Lighting Tech - Matt Downey

Production Assistant - Tyler Simmonds

Editor - Steph Young

Colour Correction - Paul McCurdy

Sound Mixer  Rhys Waters / Outpost East

Music By Tunelight / Pond5

Special Thank You To:

Maya Brown

Cary McQueen

Audrey Eastwood

Bus Stop Theatre

Tour Tech East

William F. Whites International

Milo Misseri

Cheralyn Holland

Craig Ryan

Cole Dorfschmidt

Brandon Dunphy & Dave Higgins

Very Special Thanks to everyone at Art With Impact

Shot on Location in Halifax & Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

This project was produced with the incredible support from

Art With Impact, Voices With Impact 2020