Riley is a socially-awkward barista who is crushing hard on Piper, an attractive customer who always seems to over-tip. Despite encouragement from Brad, their outgoing coworker, they don't think they stand a chance. When they see her performing at a burlesque show, they are given the opportunity to overcome their shyness and tell her how they really feel.

In 2015, Jake Ivany and Steph Young were accepted into the FILM 5 program through the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative, giving them the opportunity to develop an idea about a barista and a burlesque performer. After months of script rewrites and workshops, Tipping Point was selected as one of four films to go into production in 2016. The short film was shot on location in Halifax at Plan B and Menz & Mollyz Bar with an incredible crew and spectacular local cast. 



Riley - Colleen MacIsaac

Piper/Lady Scarlett - Koumbie

Brad - Devon Taylor

Drag Queen - Rouge Fatale


Rick Carey

Brittany Connors

Diane Côté

Emily Davidson

Allen Holden

Blaze Isnor

Oshean Juneja

Janna MacDonald

Coco Marie

Corina Missers

Mai Miyano

Hilary Murphy

Charlie Peddle

Hèlènè Serè

Joee Smith

Bridget Stevens

Alix Todd

Stefanie Yates


Director/Writer - Stephanie Young

Producer - Jake Ivany

Production Manager - Patrick Kervin

Casting Director - Joshua Young

Casting Agency - Hennessey Casting

Director of Photography - Paul McCurdy

1st AC - Halley Davies

2nd AC - Claire Fraser

Camera Trainee - Dan Langlois

Data Management - Evan Eliot

Script Supervisor - Maggie Thomas

Script Supervisor Trainee - Brendan Wanderer

1st AD - Luke Freeman

3rd AD - Kassy Tench

AD Trainee - Madeline Kingston

Production Designer - Alexis DeBad

Art Director - Vanessa Waller

Props Master - John Hatcher

Set Dresser - Jorrie Cull

Art Trainee - Jane Rogerson

                    - Emma Boardman

Costume Designer - Lawerence Willett

Lady Scarlet's Costume - Brittany Connors

                                            - Vivacious Vixen Apparel

Costuming Trainee - Mollie Robertson

Hair and Makeup - Kelsey Kennedy

Gaffer - Keith Mitchell

Key Grip - Michael Doucette

Grip - Mark Hines

         - Luke Marciano

         - Theo Campbell-Berzins

         - Bill Corkum

Sound - Robert Tough

Boom Mic Operator - Erin McDonald

                                    - James Alexander

Editor - Shawn Beckwith

Sound Designer - Lukas Pearse

Dialogue Editor - Chris Spencer-Lowe

Catering - Chef Jeff Mobile

On Set Photographer - Jessica Judge

                                       - Samuel Kean

Original Music - Lukas Pearse

"Baby Won't You Please Come Home" written by Charles Warfield and Clarence Williams, 1919. Public Domain

Performed by The Prohibition Jazz Band:

    Phil Sedore - lap steel guitar

    Lukas Pearse - string bass

    Lou Duggan - electric guitar

    Crad Price - drums


Supervising Producer - Heather Young

Producer Mentor - Marc Almon

Writer Mentor - Bretten Hannam

Director Mentor - Greg Jackson